Sep 14, 2012

Gain control over your Time Warner Cable modem.

It's simple. We kill the Batman.
No, just kidding.

If you feel like being reemed over and over again by TWC, this guide might be for you. Especially if you're tech-savvy, and want to control your modem, instead of waiting around for guys from TWC to show up and amble around for 20 minutes.
  1. Unplug the COAX cable from your Motorola SBG6580 Modem.
  2. Plug an ethernet cable from the first port on the modem into a PC/Mac.
  3. Hold the reset button down on the back of the modem with a pen or some small thing that can go through the little port hole. Hold it down for 30 seconds, until the modem restarts.
  4. Go to a browser and type:
  5. Log in with admin/motorola
There, you're in. You can turn the modem into bridge mode, turn wireless off and so on. When you've made your changes, plug the COAX cable back in and restart the modem.

You've wielded your first Motorola!

See this original post for more detailed geeking around:“Bridge”-mode-on-TimeWarner-Wideband