Dec 10, 2015

The case of the gabonkadunk iPhone ... uh, case

Apple just released probably their most ballyhooed product in recent years, and I'm not talking about the "iPhone Watch" or the Apple Pencil. They released this:

Everyone has been writing about it, blogging about it, reporting about it, and talking about it. And what is it? It's an iPhone case with a battery built in. You can tell by the bulge. There's a battery in there, that looks like it's bursting to get out.

The Verge wrote 3 articles (!) and had a video about this on the day it came out. One was lamenting the fall of Apple's ability to make sound design decisions, other's have joined the choir and ramped up on the chorus echoing through the blogosphere, that Apple is going down.

My humble opinion is that this might be the most clever marketing Apple has ever done. By making a design so radical, that everyone's talking about it is not easy to pull off these days. I haven't seen hype about a design decision like this since maybe the inception of the first iPhone.

Junk in trunk or not, the hump has made it's bump.